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  • short wait times
    We have short wait times.
  • speaks english and spanish fluently
    Our dentist and staff are bilingual—our staff speaks both English and Spanish fluently.
  • comfortable high end clinic
    Comfortable high-end and friendly dental clinic that will make your visit more enjoyable.
  • Mother With Son
    We love working with kids and making sure their dental trips are fun, fast, & painless.
Dr. Paola A. Argaez

Dr. Paola A.

Your Pearland Dentist

  • Our Dentist Dr. Paola A. Argaez offers top quality dental care that matches your insurance.
  • We make sure you are comfortable and give you exactly what you pay for.
  • We ensure your dental health is at its optimum when you leave our care.
  • You will always be in capable and trustworthy hands.

Your Pearland Dental Clinic

Welcome to Pearly Whites of Pearland! We are a modern practice that takes pride in providing our patients with the best dental care near you in a comfortable, friendly setting. Our clinic also provides emergency dental service in Pearland. If you’re looking for dentist in Pearland, TX, look no further. Our welcoming staff and highly knowledgeable dentist, Dr. Argaez, would love to assist you! Book an appointment at our Pearly Whites Pearland Dental Clinic today. Our experienced dentist near you is also available during your dental emergency at any time.

High-End Cosmetic Dentist Near You

  • veneers


    Porcelain veneers can enhance and alter the look of a person’s smile. They are the faster solution for broken, crooked, stained or chipped teeth. Veneers are designed to change the tooth shape, color, size and overall appearance through custom-made porcelain shells. Not only do they give you an immediate smile transformation that braces never could, but they also may be a more cost-efficient dental fix.

  • teeth whitening

    Teeth Whitening

    Your smile is your greatest first impression and it’s no secret that a bright, white smile can make a lasting one. Through teeth whitening, we are able to not only boost your self-confidence but do it quickly! Our dental clinic even offers Free Lifetime Whitening for all of our loyal patients, so you can get a touch up easily when you need one. We don’t require you to get an x-ray, exam, or any other procedures along with it.

  • root canals

    Root Canals

    Many people may find root canals to be daunting, but they are a key factor in preventing disease or decay from affecting your tooth (or teeth). By getting a root canal, you are allowing an otherwise healthy tooth to be saved from the affecting areas surrounding it. This procedure has the dual benefit of both alleviating pain you may be experiencing and can help preserve your natural smile for a lifetime.

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