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From the time of birth through the end of adolescence, children experience many important developmental changes. Throughout this timeframe, children should be seen at a dental clinic committed to providing the best possible care. Pediatric dentists are required to have the experience and meet specific qualifications needed to care for children at all stages of their oral development.

Pediatric Dentistry In Pearland

Growing Baby Teeth

Primary teeth usually begin to erupt in the first six months of an infant's life. By the age of seven kids start to lose this first set of teeth, as their adult teeth push them out of place. It is important that children receive dental care from infancy.

Oral health exams for infants that include risk assessment for dental caries are highly recommended. Decay can develop at an early age and the resulting tooth damage can be irreparable. Recently, the contagious disease dental caries has become more widespread in young children.

Growing Baby Teeth

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Pearland, TX dentists who are committed to working with children understand that they have special needs. Kids are not miniature adults and shouldn't be expected to behave as such. They can't be expected to always cooperate quietly or sit patiently during a dental exam. Children need to be treated with respect and made to feel comfortable in a kid-friendly environment.

Children's dentistry typically includes preventative care such as dental exams, professional teeth cleanings, and fluoride treatments. Your dentist may offer nutrition and dietary suggestions. You may also receive instructions on how to properly clean your child's teeth, mouth, and gums.

Your pediatric dentist in Pearland, TX will examine your child's teeth for signs of early decay, watch for emerging orthodontic concerns, and jaw and tooth development issues. Topical fluoride treatments and teeth sealants are usually applied for extra protection against future dental concerns.

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