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Good Oral Hygiene Pearland, Tx

Maintaining strong, healthy teeth and a gleaming smile takes consistent daily effort. Practicing good oral hygiene habits at home combined with routine dentist visits will help prevent cavities and ward off foul breath. Keeping a clean mouth is important for oral health and overall well-being.

Brush at Least Twice a Day

Teeth brushing is a vital step, yet many people don’t clean their teeth correctly. It is recommended that patients brush at least two times each day after meals. Starches, sugars, and carbs in the foods we eat leaves residue on teeth that mix with bacteria in the mouth. This harmful combination produces acids that destroy tooth enamel and leads to decay. By brushing after eating the risk for developing cavities decreases.

Brush Your Teeth the Right Way

It is very important to learn how to brush properly. First, hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle toward your gums. Shift the brush back and forth, making sure to clean every tooth surface. Don’t forget to brush your tongue to eliminate as many bacteria as possible. This process will help prevent bad breath.

While cleaning your teeth, remember that brushing harder won’t get your teeth any cleaner, it will only irritate your gums and wear away enamel. Instead, brush longer, at least two minutes with a soft bristled brush. Replace your toothbrush every three months or more if it is showing signs of wear.

The Right Teeth Cleaning Routine

Choosing a good toothpaste is also an important component. There are so many options on the market today. If you are overwhelmed, ask your dentist to suggest a brand that will meet your needs. Fluoride toothpaste is highly recommended by the ADA and most dental professionals.

Since brushing alone isn’t enough to reach hard to clean spaces, always floss at least once per day. Plaque bacteria hides below the gum line and between teeth. Guide the floss along the contours of each tooth while moving it up and down and below the gum line.

If you have trouble using floss, there are convenient tools available like floss holders, waxed floss or individual flossers, that help make the flossing process easier.

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